Special Occasion Style Ideas For Medium Hair

by Gari on June 10, 2013

Every woman worth the name knows that a hairdo is one-half of the attire and no matter how wonderfully one turns out for that special occasion, if one does not have the right hairdo, then the entire outfit is as good as messed up. So we have compiled a number of hairstyles suitable for that special occasion:

Side Swept Messy Do


This side-swept slightly messy-do is just what the doctor ¾ or in this case, the stylist ¾ ordered if your plan is to turn his head and the head of just about every other person in the room without looking as though you put too much effort into it. Plus it just exposes you facial features in a flattering way.

Easy Peasy Medium Style


Now if ever there was an updo you coveted, this should be it! The style is happily simple to copy and if you have straight hair, it should be especially easy for you. Simply part the hair into three sections running from top to bottom; leave the one at the nape hanging, clasp the middle section into a knot and then comb the topmost section backwards over the others. You may clasp at the back with a bobby pin to hold it in place.

One Side Knotted Style for Medium Length Hair



To duplicate this style, create a simple side part with one section knotted and the rest left to hang loosely over the knotted area.

An Elegant Formal Updo


This updo is very elegant and can work well with just about any style: casual or formal. The tresses are all swept back and knotted at the back with a slight bump created in the front which serves to lengthen the face.

Amazing Side Ponytail


For this amazing side ponytail, comb the entire hair to the side, twist as shown in the picture, poke a finger into the middle to create the bunched up twist depicted, then tie off the ends. This style can literally go anywhere.

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