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5 Popular Hairstyles Trends this Month/Year

by Gari on November 1, 2012

Women can always count on hairstyles as a fast fix to reinvention. Blame the frequent mood swings or the never-ending itch for change, but girls often count on their hair as a medium for self expression. Here are 5 most wanted hairstyles that are popular in 2012 and most likely to be in 2013 hair trends!

Ombre Hair color

This dye job is particularly popular because it’s subtle at first but the effect is positively flattering. This trend features darker natural hues near the roots which gradually taper off to lighter ends. The best part about this dye job is that it’s terrifically low maintenance, and roots don’t show for as long as 12 weeks.

Slicked back hair

This has been popular in Autumn/Winter Fashion Week in particular and this severe do is surprisingly easy to achieve, just use copius amounts of get on your hair to achieve the extremely flat and severe look of this hairstyle.

The Bouffant

Not quite an Amy Winehouse beehive and definitely more flattering, The Bouffant is a classic throwback to 1960’s style. This flattering hairstyle has been making the rounds in the fall fashion week runway. Look through your mom’s old magazines for reference, and stock up on bottles of hairspray if you want to achieve this looks.

Perfect Ponytail

Ponytails never go out of style, and this season’s ponytail du jour is far from the sloppy gym ponytail you are accustomed to. High, perfectly slicked, and megawatt shiny, these are the key words for the upgraded version of this old hairstyle.

Au Naturel

The gals with the naturally curly and textured hair can now put their straighteners to rest, this year natural also reigned supreme!

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